H.B.S.N is a simple speech recognition software which programmed using Java. This software is a package of many sub applications.And those are as listed below ,

  • Audio Player
  • Video Player
  • Email Client
  • Weather Application
  • Mp3 Tag Editor
  • Picture Viewer
  • Home Automation Application
  • Alarm / Timer
  • Folder Locker
  • Message Encrypt Application
  • Income & Expenses Logging Application

Apart from that we can do many thing from this software by using voice commands , such as ,

  • Open & close applications which are installed in the computer
  • Open  web sites
  • Open folders which are in the HDD
  • Control built-in audio & video player
  • Control the home automation system
  • Reading mails
  • Reading selected text
  • Speaking clock ( Time & Date)
  • Speaking weather report

There are system commands for the tasks which this application does.And we can replace the system default commands with custom commands.This application still in demo mode & always getting improved & adding many many functions.

This application is made by using below materials,

Language : Java 8
IDE : Netbeans
GUI : Photoshop CS2
Voice recognition engines : Cloudgarden & Sphinx
Text to speech engine : Free TTS
Home Automation : Arduino

To use this application you must install Java(JRE) in the computer.

Keep in touch for new improvements & upgrades , will inform with new posts.Whenever new improvement / upgrade has done , the upgraded application will be available in the download page.


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