11.Watched Movies List

In this post I'll show you about watched movies list & what it does.

To open the watched movies list , we have to click the watched list (2) button in the video gallery window.Then it will open the watched movies list as shown in below.

What happens in here is , after the video ends playing in the video player , it updates the database.Then all those watched video records shows in this window.In here we can see which videos we have watched & how many times we have watched the same video.

1.Delete the watched videos 

In here we can delete the video files which shows here.To do that we have to select the record from the list(1). Then click the delete(2) button.Then it will ask again to confirm.After we confirm it will delete the video file from the computer.By doing this we can increase the space of the hard disk.If the file is not existing , it will remove the record from the database.

In next post I'll show you about the Weather report.



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