22.Message Encryptor - Decryptor

In this post I'll show about the message encrypt-decrypt application.We can use this for secret messaging or to encrypt the confidential data.

As following image , this application is located in the quick launch panel.And when we click the icon as follow , it will open the application as below.

Encrypting a Text

To encrypt a text , first we need to type the text int the editor pane(1). Then click the encrypt(2) button.And it will open another window for set a password for the encryption as below.

After we set the password click the OK button.Then it will show the encrypted message as below.

We can select & copy this encrypted message.

Decrypting a Text

To decrypting a text , we need to copy the encrypted message into editor pane(1).

Then click the decrypt button(2). Then it will open another window for asking the decrypt code.

In here we have to give the same code which we used to give in encryption.Then click the OK button.

Then it will decrypt the message & show the original text in the editor pane.

Below video will show how this application works.

In next post I'll show you about the device controller application.



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