28.Home Automation - 02

In this post I'll show you about the Arduino Nano board & what it does.

This is the brain of this control unit.As above image this module has 30 I/O pins.And to power up this module , we need to connect +5v power supply to the VIN(30) pin , and the ground power line to the GND(29) pin.In main control unit , all other modules are connected to this module and those all the modules will control by this Arduino board.To program this module , we have upload our arduino program to this board using Arduino IDE via a data cable.

To do that we need to follow below steps,

  • Connect the Arduino board to the computer
  • Open the arduino sketch(program)
  • Selecting the port(Tools > Ports)
  • Uploading the sketch to the board by clicking the upload button

In next post I'll show you about the ESP8622 wifi module.



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